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Citing: Moun Moran

Mount Moran Citation Formats



Advanced Research Computing Center. 2012. Mount Moran: IBM System X cluster. Laramie, WY: University of Wyoming.

Citing: petaLibrary

For Projects on the petaLibrary

Citation formats. We request that you cite your use of the petaLibrary system with the following citation format, based on the source of your allocation and modified as needed to conform with citation style guidelines. Most importantly, please include the Archival Resource Key (ARK) — ARCC website — (similar to a DOI) the Digital Object Identifier that is unique to the petaLibrary.


Advanced Research Computing Center. petaLibrary Research Data Storage System. University of Wyoming.

ARCC Resources

For reference, the ARKs/DOIs for other ARCC resources can be found at the ARCC Acknowledgement Policy.

Citing: Teton

Teton Citation Formats