Beartooth Software List


Herein, find summaries of each package with links to a more detailed page for each package.
Below is a list of software / applications that are available on Beartooth. Click the software title to learn more about a particular software package, including its associated module name that can be used to find available versions and to load.
Please refer to our LMOD page for information about and how to use the module system:

Last Updated: 5/29/24



containers and virtual envs



libraries and toolkits

  • We haves 100s of libraries and do not have a wiki page for them all. Popular libraries also include: boost, expat, fftw, gmp, hdf5, hypre, motif, netlib-lapack, netcdf-c/cxx4, netlib-scalapack, openblas, parmetis, scotch, udunits, wannier90 and zoltan to list just a few. We recommend, once you have access, to perform a module spider to see if it is installed, but not listed above.


  • There are 10s of utilities that will be automatically available on the System as part of the OS without needing to load a module: For example: bzip2, curl, tar…

  • Some utilities will come as part of the system but might have a module with a newer version: For example: gmake