Accounts: Access and Security


This page serves as a parent page for general information about obtaining an account to access HPC resources.

HPC Account Requests

Any HPC account may be requested using the Account Request Form on our Portal. The account request process is dependent upon your role with the university.

  • If you are a PI on a research project: You may use our Request a New Research Project form to create your account and project allocation in a single request.

  • If you are a student: A PI will need to sponsor your access to the cluster. If you cannot identify a PI please let us know and we can try to assist.

  • If you are a Non-UW user: You must be sponsored by a UW PI and the PI should request an external collaborator account before being granted access to UW HPC resources.

  • For additional inquiries regarding HPC account use, requests and procedures please contact ARCC at

  • Note: Getting access to an HPC account requires association with an HPC project/allocation. You may request a new one as the PI, or have an existing PI create a project and request your account be added.

Project Access

  1. If UWyo is not your primary institution, please contact the UWyo faculty member you’re working with and have them Request an external collaborator account.

    1. After you get your external collaborator account, the PI will need to make a request to add your external collaborator account to a project (step ii).

    2. Be sure to ask the PI which HPC resource the project is associated with - ARCC has several.

  2. While you wait to be associated with a project, please take some time to learn how to setup and use Two-factor authentication (2FA).

    1. If you plan to work from off campus, you may require a VPN connection.

    2. Note: the process of becoming associated with a project, etc can take hours to days, depending on workload. Once the process is complete, you will receive an automatically generated email from (don’t email this address - it is not monitored).

Account Policy

Detailed Account Policy can be referenced here.

Account Troubleshooting

Two Factor Authentication

Additional information on Two-Factor Authentication may be found here.


Most ARCC Resources do not require VPN for access but directions for installing Pulse Secure VPN on a Linux Desktop may be found here.