petaLibrary Policies

This page goes over the ARCC petaLibrary policies.


Alcova petaLibrary Policies

Data Protection Backups

Data Protection/Backups Policy:

  • Data residing in Project or Restricted file shares are protected each night with a read-only snapshot. 20 snapshots are kept and protected from most scenarios that are not system-wide. End-users can access the snapshots for self-service restores.

  • All data on the petaLibrary is mirrored to a similar storage system. The backups are based on allocation, occur incrementally every weekday, and have a full backup starting on Friday that runs through the weekend. This backup methodology protects from a system-wide disaster, e.g. complete loss.


Groups, departments, or researchers can request access for several projects, but it will be up to the Research Office and ARCC to determine acceptable allocations of the petaLibrary.

Compliant Data

Data that falls under regulatory compliance (such as HIPAA or PCI) are not supported on Alcova.