First Steps

This page covers the first steps users should take after getting access to ARCC resources.


Know the General Policies

There are a few Policies that apply to all ARCC resources that user need to keep in mind when using them.

  1. All ARCC resources are for research purposes only.

  2. ARCC does not currently support any resource that falls under some federal compliance rules such as HIPAA or FERPA. In the event that any other compliance issues arise, please contact us to work them out prior to using our resources.

  3. It is the researcher’s responsibility to manage all data on ARCC resources. ARCC can assist, but we never delete user data unless there is written approval from the project’s PI.

  4. Please do not contact individual ARCC team members for help, information, or changes to account policies. Instead please use the email address or submit a help ticket with so that all team members can respond.

For more please visit our Policies section of this Wiki.

Review Documentation and Take Training

While not a requirement, we strongly suggest that users take advantage of the content we provide to help them use our resources more effectively.


This Wiki is a the main source of ARCC documentation. Please find what you are looking for under Core Services, Auxiliary Services, or see the Directory under Using the Wiki section.


ARCC provides general training courses on using they systems and services. They are provided in three different methods.

  1. Self-paced courses can be found under the Training section of WyoLearn.

  2. In-person or webinar style courses. Please contact ARCC at or visit the ARCC Training page on the UWyo website for more information or view past course materials.

  3. Custom training courses can be requested after meeting with ARCC staff. Please contact us or schedule a consultation to discuss the options.

General Suggestions

Below we list a few suggestions that are often encountered with new users.

  • Know your workflow or having an idea of what steps you think you’ll need to take to accomplish your research goals.

  • If you are using software, please be aware of what software and what version of that software you want to use. This includes any libraries/packages and their dependencies for that software.

  • Ask questions. If you are confused by anything regarding research computing, feel free to ask ARCC. We are open to most questions.

  • Keep backup copies of code and data in multiple places.