Data Transfer

There are many ways to transfer data with ARCC including Globus, Linux (scp, sftp, rsync), Samba (CIFS and SMB), and Science DMZ.




Globus manages file transfers between two machines (two servers, a server, and a personal machine, or two personal machines). It is ideal for large files and available for many institutional clusters and networks. Files can be transferred between Teton, the ARCC petaLibrary, ORNL, TACC, NCAR, and other institutions around the world.


scp: Secure copy or SCP is a means of securely transferring computer files between a local host and a remote host or between two remote hosts.

sftp: sftp is a command-line interface client program to transfer files using the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) as implemented by the sftp-server command by the OpenSSH project, which runs inside the encrypted Secure Shell connection.

rsync: rsync is a utility to keep copies of a file on two computer systems


One can use SMB to connect to the Teton storage using the UW credentials provided that connection is physically happening from on campus.

Science DMZ

The University of Wyoming Science Network (UWSN) is the campus implementation of the science DMZ principle. The guiding principle behind UWSN is that the campus research community should be able to optimize their access to other research entities, data stores, and computing resources specific to the needs of their individual projects.