Known Issues

The purpose of this page is to inform users of ongoing issues known to ARCC. Here we detail what each problem is and what we are doing to remedy it. Any issues that users come across that are not detailed on this page should inform ARCC by emailing us at


arccquota Error

25 Oct. 2022: Symptoms:

1 2 3 Traceback (most recent call last): File "/apps/s/arcc/latest/bin/arccquota", line 336, in <module> for each_p in _user_projs[each_u]:

This is a known issue that ARCC is working to resolve. It should have no impact on your work.


3/16/22: An issue has been found with running salloc and srun on Southpass/Ondemand interactive desktops. ARCC is working to resolve this.



Since the last maintenance where Slurm has been updated we have noticed a backward incompatibility issue when using with the Intel MPI libraries. Any application that uses the intel-mpi 2018.x.y and earlier libraries will fail to run.

For example, if you have a local version of say VASP that has been built and uses module load intel-mpi.x.y


To resolve the issue, insert the following after the srun command within your command-line / submission script: srun --mpi=pmi2

You do not have to recompile your software nor application.

Credential Caching


Occasionally some users' credentials are getting cached on Teton that prevents them from logging in.


We have a script in place that clears the cache on the system that runs every hour on the hour. We can also run this manually if users run into trouble with logging into Teton when they have previously been able to login before and can’t wait for the hourly script.