Getting Connected to Alcova

This page will instruct you on how to request access to Alcova and how to connect to the library. Users can connect to Alcova whether they are on-campus (via SMB) or off-campus (using Globus). Access to Alcova is also available via the Teton compute cluster.


Connecting to Alcova

Requesting Access

To request a storage allocation on Alcova, the Principle Investigator of a research project will fill out the Alcova Access Request form.

Getting Connected on the UW network

SMB (Linux, Mac OS, Windows): While users are on the UWyo network, Alcova can be accessed from any of the three primary OS families using their standard tools:

Server Address:


Server Address:


Linux File Browser and macOS Finder:


Windows File Explorer:


Connecting from an Off-Campus Network


You can connect to Alcova off-campus using Globus.

The Globus endpoint name for Alcova is ARCC Teton and is accessible from the path /alcova.

RHEL 7, and Ubuntu 16.04/10 Linux users will need to add the following lines to the ‘[global]’ section of the /etc/samba/smb.conf file:

client max protocol = SMB3

Note: RHEL 6 is currently unable to connect to Alcova. ARCC is working on a solution.

Access from Teton

Alcova is accessible from the Teton compute cluster at speeds up to 100 Gbps. You can access homes or common by changing directory to /alcova.
Teton documentation can be found on the Teton page.