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This wiki is intended to share information and best practices related to research computing among researchers and students. Visit Our Website for a more general description of ARCC.

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UW Research Computing Environment

  • To provide the best research computing support that we can, ARCC offers three core services, see below to find out more about each core service:

    • High Performance Computing: ARCC maintains an HPC cluster for research computing, named Teton. Teton allows researchers to perform computation-intensive analysis on large datasets. Using Teton, researchers have control over their data, projects, and collaborators.

      • All UW researchers can have an account on Teton and requests for accounts can be completed online. Faculty are encouraged to seek funding to add capacity to this system, but this is not a prerequisite for its use. The research office provides annual funding to add capacity and replace any outdated hardware.

    • Research Data Storage: Another service offered is two research storage system called the petaLibrary and Pathfinder

      • ARCC also offers various tools for facilitating the storage and transfer of data.

    • End-User Support: Consultation and training services are another core ARCC service. This service is for all researchers at UWyo whether they use the HPC system, the Research Data Storage System, or if they have any other Research Computing topics they would like to be covered.

      • Our goal is to support researchers in any way we can, including one-on-one consultation, scheduled in-person and online training so that researchers may perform their work with the most support that ARCC can provide.

    • Additional Services: ARCC is also happy to provide assistance with Proposal Development and Linux Desktop Support.

      • If you wish to state how you intend to use ARCC resources in a grant proposal, we have provided a couple of documents that might be helpful in your proposal development. Find them on the ARCC website.

Prerequisites for Using ARCC Resources

There are a few things you must have in place before you can use ARCC High-Performance Computing or Research Data Storage core services. They are:

  1. Be a UWYO Faculty Member or be sponsored by one

  2. Have an active UWYO account

  3. Enrolled in Two-Factor Authentication

  4. Internet Access

For more details, visit the ARCC Prerequisites page.

Using the Wiki

  • We have provided a page that goes over the general use and how-to of the Wiki, you can find that on the Using the Wiki page.

  • A Wiki Directory has been compiled that contains every page and header within the Wiki in alphabetical order that makes it easy for you to find the content you are looking for.

  • Additionally, if you are new to research computing or unsure about terms used within this Wiki, please visit the Glossary, there is a link displayed on each page.