Resources and Services


This is the gateway to technical information and documentation that is specific to each of ARCC’s computational hardware resources/services.

High Performance Computing Service:

This core service is primarily being performed by Teton.


The Teton Compute Environment allows researchers to perform computation-intensive analysis on large datasets. Using Teton, researchers have control over their data, projects, and collaborators. Built-in tools help users get up and running in a short amount of time, and the ability to request custom tools allows users to fine-tune their research procedures.

SouthPass is a publicly accessible implementation of OnDemand that allows web based access to Teton.


WildIris is a speciality cluster to enable outreach for IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) researchers and Wyoming community college students.

Research Data Storage Services:

Because research is increasingly data-intensive, ARCC has made research data storage a core service. This core service is currently being performed by the services below, allowing for research data to be safely and securely stored and shared. No matter the use case, researchers have peace of mind that their research data is compliant with funder requirements, protected, and accessible whenever and wherever they are.


Alcova is a high performance data storage service geared toward project-oriented data storage. This service allows researchers to reliably store and exchange data with anyone located anywhere in the world. Additionally, Alcova provides storage for published research data.


Pathfinder is a low-cost storage solution that enables a Cloud-like presence for research data hosted by ARCC. ARCCs newest data storage system is Pathfinder. The system is built to be expandable and provides data protection. Its core functionality is hosting onsite backups as well as enabling data sharing and collaboration.

Software Services:

This links to a broader exploration of the various software packages, software support, etc available from ARCC.

User Support Services:

Linux Desktop support

ARCC supports RedHat, Centos, and Ubuntu. Help with these OS’s can be requested here: