Globus is a cloud based SAAS (software-as-a-service) used to transfer, share, sync, and publish large amounts of data. It is supported and used extensively by most HPCs and major research facilities. Globus is designed to move very large data, efficiently. It manages file transfers, monitors performance, reports status, and attempts to retry and recover from faults automatically when possible.

Data stored or shared on Globus should be considered low or moderate risk data. Please do not share data through Globus if it is subject to PCI, HIPAA, FERPA or PII compliance.

Logging into Globus Online

UW researchers can use their UWYO username and password to access Globus Online.

Click here to a see instructions for accessing Globus Online, or click here to go straight to the Globus Online login page.

The ARCC Teton Collection endpoint provides access to the Teton, Beartooth, and Alcova storage systems. Through this collection, you may access your cluster storage in /home, /project and /gscratch locations through your browser. If you are prompted for activation reacess, log in with your uwyo username as the username, and your UWYO password.

Once you have established your uw-arcc Globus endpoints, you may access Alcova storage by change your Globus folder path to /alcova/.

Globus Connect Personal

Globus Connect Personal is the name of the software used to create Globus Connect Personal endpoints, for sharing files with other users. It is meant to be installed on machines that are primarily used by one person (such as desktops and laptops). Globus Connect Personal can be installed on all computers running current, vendor-supported versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Globus Connect Personal does not require a UWYO account so it can be used by anyone, even if their institution does not have a Globus subscription.

To begin using Globus Connect Personal, see the the Install Globus Connect guide for installation instructions and initial setup on your desktop or laptop.

Upgrading to Globus Plus

Globus Plus provides users with additional benefits. These include:

  • The ability to transfer files between two personal Globus endpoints, i.e. computers on which you have installed Globus Connect Personal, such as your laptop and a desktop personal computer.

  • Globus Plus also allows you to share files from personal Globus endpoints (like those created on your desktop when setting up Globus Connect Personal).

Your Globus account may be upgraded to Globus Plus by associating it with your organization’s Globus subscription. Users at UW may request to upgrade to Globus Plus by e-mailing or filling out our service portal webform here. ARCC will send an invite allowing you to associate your Globus account with our UW Globus Plus subscription.