Requesting Software

Request Details

When requesting software please consider the questions below and try to provide, where possible, as much related detail. We do appreciate that depending on your expertise with the software you might not be able to answer all of the following, but the more detail the better.

  • Name of the software:

  • Link to software resource (download, repository, documentation):

  • Purpose for software use/installation:

  • What research project is the software required for?

  • Is this a standalone piece of software?

    • Which version of the software do you need?

  • Is it a library/package to be used alongside a programming language such a C/C++, Python, R, Julia?

    • Which version of the programming language is required?

    • Are there any related dependencies you know about, require?

  • What Operating System is required?

    • Please note that Teton uses RedHat, not Windows/Mac.

      • We can run flavors of Linux via the Singularity container.

  • If this is an upgrade to existing software, what additional functionality does the new version provide (where possible please provide details):

  • Who is to use the software (individual, project, general):

  • Does the software require a license?

    • If yes, where will the funds to purchase the license come from?

  • Do you currently use the software?

    • If so, where and how?

    • Can you detail a typical workflow?

  • How do you intend to use the software on the cluster?

    • Is this different to previous use in another environment?

  • What is your level of experience of using the software?

  • Can and how do you test the software Installation?

    • Can you provide existing, working code and data, and expected results? Something we can use to replicate what you do to verify the installation.

  • If you're using examples, please point to where you got them from.

  • Timescales? Please indicate timescales for when required:

  • Is this required for an active/forthcoming class?

Depending on the extent of the request we may follow up with a consultation / discussion of some form to clarify the request, and to map out expectations and timelines.

Making Request

When you’re ready to submit a request, either: