1.3 Acknowledgement Policy

1.3.1 Annual Reporting

  • At the end of each academic year, ARCC requires an accomplishment report from each PI containing:

    • The research results (in laymen terms supported by graphs, images, or videos produced) obtained using ARCC resources,

    • A list of scientific publications that resulted from this research,

    • The names, affiliations of graduate students who used ARCC resources, and

    • The title, author, and relevant citation data for any theses or dissertations produced using ARCC computational resources.

  • A PI's subsequent allocations may be delayed pending compliance with these reporting requirements.

1.3.2 Citation

We request that you cite your use of ARCC computing resources using a format that includes the relevant Archival Resource Key (ARK) or Digital Object Identifier (DOI) — ARCC website — that is unique to the resource used.

Additional citing information and examples may be found here.

The ARKs/DOIs for ARCC resources are:

1.3.3 Branding

UW Advanced Research Computing Center logo is available to UW internal users here and here.
This is available to UW ARCC users with UW affiliation. In adherence with UW Branding policies, no alterations should be made to these graphics and all brand usage for all University units rests with their affiliation with UW.
Acceptable use: May be used as part of posters, signage, banners, webpages, event materials, presentations, publications, etc. See here for additional guidance.  
Any use on merchandising MUST receive prior approval from UW Institutional Marketing and UW ARCC.