Acknowledgement Policy

Annual Reporting

  • At the end of each academic year, ARCC requires an accomplishment report from each PI containing:

    • The research results (in laymen terms supported by graphs, images, or videos produced) obtained using ARCC resources,

    • A list of scientific publications that resulted from this research,

    • The names, affiliations of graduate students who used ARCC resources, and

    • The title, author, and relevant citation data for any theses or dissertations produced using ARCC computational resources.

  • A PI's subsequent allocations may be delayed pending compliance with these reporting requirements.


We request that you cite your use of ARCC computing resources using a format that includes the relevant Archival Resource Key (ARK) or Digital Object Identifier (DOI) — ARCC website — that is unique to the resource used.

The ARKs/DOIs for ARCC resources are: