Gannett Peak Project

Exposing more UW Students to HPC

In an effort to make High Performance Computing available to all UW Students, UW Advanced Research Computing Center presents The Gannett Peak Project. This project is intended to meet the needs of students who want access to HPC resources but do not have a PI under which they may perform their intended work or research.

We aim to provide a path for all UW Students, undergraduates and graduates alike, to gain experience in computational studies and research whenever possible. Named after the highest point in the state, this project may serve as a pinnacle for student work and aims to spark interest in the power of supercomputing for all UW students.

Would you like to gain access to the UW ARCC HPC cluster?

  • Are your data sets getting large and your analysis complex enough enough to crash your computer?

  • Does your simple analysis program just take an hour… but you need to run it hundreds of times?

  • Are your shared computers covered with threatening post-it notes warning others not to reboot it because you’re running a simulation?

If you’re not able to perform your research in a reasonable amount of time with your available resources, getting access to the HPC is probably a great solution for you.

Click here to request access.

What if you aren’t familiar with HPC?

If you find the idea of using a high performance computing cluster intimidating, know that one of UW ARCC’s services is to provide all University of Wyoming HPC users with support and training. We offer formal workshops and training every semester, a public wiki covering a broad range of user requested HPC topics, and host open office hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:00pm. Personal consultations are also available. Request help by e-mailing or create a request in our service portal.