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ARCC's goal is to support research in any way that we can. This includes providing access to our high performance computing environments, Teton and Loren; research data storage systems petaLibrary and Pathfinder; and various tools for facilitating the storage and transfer of data. One-on-one consultation, scheduled in-person meetings, and online training are other services that ARCC provides. Additionally, assistance and tools are provided if users are in need of support in proposal development or Linux desktop support. ARCC consultants are here to help you get the most out of ARCC resources and services.


High Performance Computing (HPC)

As research becomes more compute-intensive, ARCC has made high performance compute a core service. This core service is currently being performed by The Teton Compute Environment, allowing researchers to perform computation-intensive analysis on large datasets. Using Teton, researchers have control over their data, projects, and collaborators. Built-in tools help users get up and running in a short amount of time, and the ability to request custom tools allows users to fine-tune their research procedures.

The Teton Compute Environment, or Teton for short, is a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster with over 500 compute nodes and a high-performance data storage system. Teton was preceded by UWyo’s first community HPC cluster, Mount Moran, which went into service in 2012. The second generation of HPC at UWyo, Teton, first went into service in 2018 and is available to all research interests at UWyo. With over 1.2 PB of storage, Teton can accommodate some of the largest datasets. Isolated filesystems ensure that researchers have control of where their data are, and who can access it. Teton can be securely accessed anywhere, anytime with 98% expected uptime and SSH connectivity using UWyo two-factor authentication. No matter where you go, your research can go with you.

Loren is a GPU based HPC cluster, it is a specialty HPC cluster used by Dr. Piri’s research group, the High Bay Research Group.

Data Storage Systems

As research among all disciplines is increasingly data-intensive, ARCC has made research data storage a core service. This core service is currently being performed by the petaLibrary and Pathfinder, allowing for research data to be safely and securely stored and shared. Using the petaLibrary, researchers may reliably store and exchange data with anyone located anywhere in the world through various tools. Additionally, the petaLibrary provides storage for publishing research data. No matter the use case, researchers have peace of mind that their research data is compliant to funder requirements, protected, and accessible whenever and wherever they are.

User Services

ARCC provides consultation and training services as a core ARCC service. This service is for all researchers at UWyo whether they use the HPC system, the Research Data Storage System, or if they have any other Research Computing topics they want to be covered. Our goal is to support researchers in any way we can, including one-on-one consultation, scheduled in-person and online training so that researchers may perform their work with the most support that ARCC can provide.

  • For a consultation, fill out this form.

  • Our online training can be found on the ARCC website.

Additional Services

ARCC also provides additional services including assistance with Proposal Development and Linux Desktop Support.