2.1.6 Default Service Quotas

ARCC High Performance Storage and HPC Compute Quotas




UW ARCC Default Service Quotas

All services up to the listed quotas are provided to UW Researchers at no cost to them.
Any services above standard service quotas will be charged rates based upon our Cost of Resources Policy and Price Sheet for UW Users (coming soon).

Service Name


Default Quota (ARCC services provided at no cost to UW Researchers)

Data Storage

Data research storage
(Formerly known as Alcova)

General research storage
On-Site Backups and 20 day snapshots included

  • 1TB / project

Pathfinder S3 Storage

S3 bucket storage, on-premises.
*On-site backups by user request and subject to cost above quota.

All Pathfinder storage is charged based on allocation and private/secure key.

MedicineBow (prior working name, “Thunderer”) HPC storage
(Formerly known as Beartooth/TetonCreek)

HPC/Cluster storage.
No backups by default, 20 day snapshots available upon request

*All /gscratch storage is subject to a 90 day purge

  • 50GB /home

  • 5TB /gscratch

  • 5TB /project

HPC Compute

MedicineBow CPU Hours

2x AMD 48c 9454, 768GB memory CPU Node

*up to 100,000 total non-investment CPU core hrs/year

MedicineBow A30 GPU Hours

2x AMD 48c 9454, 768GB memory, 8x A30 24GB GPU Node

*up to 20,000 total non-investment GPU hrs/year
(GPU hrs are calculated as combined sum of all GPU hours over 1 year, independent of GPU hardware)


MedicineBow L40S GPU Hours

2x AMD 48c 9454, 768GB memory, 8x L40S 48GB GPU Node

MedicineBow H100 GPU hours

2x AMD 48c 9454, 1.5TB memory, 8x H100-SXM 80GB GPU Node


Augmenting Storage Allocation Quotas

Researchers working with or generating massive data sets that exceed the default allocation, or having significant I/O needs should consider the following options:

  • Rent space on shared hardware: There is a set price per TB per year. Please contact ARCC for the exact price.

  • Purchase additional storage disks to be incorporated into HPC storage: This option is appropriate for groups that need more space than the free offering, but don’t have the extreme space or performance demands that would require investing in dedicated hardware.

  • Buy your own dedicated storage hardware for Research Computing to host: If you need more than about 15 TB of storage or very high performance, dedicated hardware is more economical and appropriate. The exact choices are always evolving. Please contact ARCC for more information.


Costs Associated with Storage

  • Please see Cost of Resources

    • If users require quota increases on storage, they may apply for a one-time, no-cost capacity increase by providing written justification for the amount of extra storage and it’s benefit to the UW mission of research, education and economic development.

      • This capacity increase lasts for the life of the storage system (typically 3 years), the increase must be approved by ARCC Leadership, and is subject to a 10TB max limit.

      • In all other cases, the user will be charged per Cost of Resources as listed here.

  • Users may request capacity increases on the ARCC Service Portal.