Getting Started

This page will help users get started using ARCC resources.


ARCC Prerequisites

ARCC requires you to have the following to be in place before you can use ARCC High-Performance Computing or Research Data Storage core services. They are:

  1. Be a UWYO Faculty Member or be sponsored by one

  2. Have an active UWYO account

  3. Enrolled in Two-Factor Authentication

  4. Internet Access

Visit the ARCC Prerequites page for further details.


The following is a list of general computer use policies, procedures, and security rules that apply to individual end-users of the Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) resources. These policies and procedures are intended to ensure that UW Research Computing resources are used effectively to support UW's research programs. efore using ARCC services, please read through the policies which can be found on our Policies pages.

First Steps

We provide a First Steps page that includes advice on reviewing policies, finding training, using this Wiki, or how to contact ARCC for help.