Documentation and Help


This page is the jumping off point for ARCC help and broad spectrum service and utility documentation. Resource specific documentation can be found under each particular resource.

Getting Help:

Access to services can be requested by visiting the ARCC Service Catalog. General help can also be requested by emailing Check the News and Announcements page for information on current issues and events that may be impacting you.
Also, this site is searchable using the search box in the upper right corner.

Office Hours:

Visiting our bi-weekly Zoom based office hours is another to obtain help with specific issues. Office hours are held every Tuesday and Thursday on Zoom from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM MDT.

Getting Started/Onboarding with ARCC:

  • For info on getting started with ARCC please see Getting Started with ARCC. Otherwise, the prerequisites for getting an account with ARCC are:


ARCC provides general training courses on using their systems and services. They are provided in three different methods.

  1. Self-paced courses can be found under the Training section of WyoLearn.

  2. In-person or webinar style courses. Please contact ARCC at or visit the ARCC Training page on the UWyo website for more information or view past course materials.

  3. Custom training courses can be requested after meeting with ARCC staff. Please contact us to discuss options.

General Suggestions

Below, we list a few suggestions to help new users with frequently encountered problems.

  • Know your workflow or have an idea of what steps you think you’ll need to take to accomplish your research goals.

  • If you are using software, please be aware of what software and what version of that software you want to use. This includes any libraries/packages and the dependencies for that software.

  • Ask questions. If you are confused by anything regarding research computing, feel free to ask ARCC.

  • Keep backup copies of code and data in multiple places.

Project and Account Requests

For research projects, UWyo faculty members (Principal Investigators or PIs) can request a research project on ARCC HPC (high performance computing) resources, using this form.

User Accounts require a valid UWyo email address and a UWyo-Affiliated PI sponsor. UWyo faculty members can sponsor their own accounts, while students, post-doctoral researchers, or research associates must use their PI as their sponsor. Users with a valid UWyo email address can be added in the project request or added later, using the Request New Account form.

Non-UWyo external collaborators (Ex_Co) must be sponsored by a current UWyo faculty member. Ex_Co accounts can be requested here.

Once access is granted, connection to ARCC HPC resources may be established via SSH. Note that SSH connections require Two-Factor Authentication.

Resources and Services

This links to the resources and services section which describes the resources such as Teton or Alcova, and services such as Linux support or specialty clusters, that ARCC offers.

Data/File Transfer Tools

This link covers Globus, command line tools and other specialized GUI tools.

Citing your use of ARCC Resources

A requirement of all allocations and use of HPC resources managed by ARCC is to acknowledge ARCC support for your research. Our ability to identify supported scientific results helps ensure continued support from the State of Wyoming, federal agencies and other sources for future HPC/HPS systems.

Citation Formats

We request that you use the following citation format, based on the source of your allocation and modified as needed to conform with citation style guidelines. Most important, please include the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) — that is unique to the resource you used.


Advanced Research Computing Center . (2018). Teton Computing Environment. University of Wyoming.  

ARCC Policies (in review)

This link covers all ARCC policies for use, privacy, and general procedures