ARCC UW User Price Sheet

This page is currently under development and subject to review

Service Name


Default Quotas
(Base services provided at no cost to UW Researchers)

Costs Above Quota

Data Storage

Pathfinder S3 Storage

S3 bucket storage, on-premises.
*On-site backups by user request and subject to cost above quota.


  • $50 1x fee per Access/Secret Key

  • $45 / TB / year

VAST storage (Data/Previously Alcova)

General storage
On-Site Backups and 20-day snapshots included

  • 1TB /project by default

  • $100 / TB / year

  • Long-Term Storage 750$ per TB for 10 yrs

VAST storage (Medicine Bow Cluster)

Cluster storage.
No backups by default, 20-day snapshots available

*All /gscratch storage is subject to a 90 day purge

  • 50GB /home per user

  • 5TB /gscratch per user

  • 5TB /project

  • $75 / TB / year

  • Long-Term Storage 750$ per TB for 10 yrs

HPC Cluster Services

Initial Project Setup and Configuration

Initial project creation and setup, creation of user accounts associated with project, and administrative efforts.

Setup with standard data storage quotas (listed above) provided at no cost to UW researchers.



Hardware Reservation Configuration

Users may choose to purchase exclusive access to HPC node(s) and granted exclusive access to total CPU/GPU hours available on the node(s) over the reservation time period.


  • $100 / reservation base cost f+ CPU/GPU compute by hours reserved

  • Users will be charged one-time base cost as well as being charged for the entire reservation regardless of actual; usage during the reservation time period.


Thunderer CPU Hours

2x AMD 48c 9454, 768GB memory CPU Node

(*up to 100,000 total non-investment CPU core hrs/year)

Over default charge rate

Thunderer A30 GPU Hours

2x AMD 48c 9454, 768GB memory, 8x A30 24GB GPU Node

(*up to 20,000 GPU hrs/year in total. - GPU hrs are calculated as combined sum of all GPU hours over 1 year, independent of GPU type)


Over default charge rate

Thunderer L40S GPU Hours

2x AMD 48c 9454, 768GB memory, 8x L40S 48GB GPU Node

Thunderer H100 GPU hours

2x AMD 48c 9454, 1.5TB memory, 8x H100-SXM 80GB GPU Node

Node Investment

HPC Investment Services

User granted unlimited access to run jobs on purchased nodes. *See Node Estimates


User Accounts

Account Setup/Initialization

Initial setup and configuration of a single account to utilize ARCC resources.

Initial account creations associated with UWYO domain accounts.

  • 10$/account created for an external collaborator. (**This fee is charged by UW IT, not ARCC. Subject to the Division of UW IT fee determinations)

Misc Services

ARCC Personnel Consultation

Consultation and collaboration on miscellaneous project work that does not fit into above listed services

ARCC provides “best effort help and consultation for our users at no cost.

$25 / personnel-hour

Additional Software Installation/Configuration

Additional software installation/configurations and ARCC staff consultation after initial project setup


$25 / personnel-hour

Miscellaneous Services

Miscellaneous services are charged based on costs associated with hardware, configuration, installation, number of users, data storage quotas, and personnel hours. If we are able meet the requirements of the requested service, the requestor will be provided with a quote from ARCC personnel detailing project charges. *ARCC may charge for personnel hours associated with project planning depending on complexity of the request.


Varies - Provided via project quote