ARCC WikiPrivacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for all ARCC resources.


Data Collection

  • The information collected through this site, and other UW pages/sites linked from it (e.g. a help ticket system), includes the necessary information to provide and manage ARCC products and services. Examples include:

    • For a PI to request an allocation on some ARCC resources for their project, information about that project will be collected.

    • For a user requesting help via a ticket, information about the systems affected and problems being experienced will be collected.

    • Website usage data including browser type, operating system, page views, entry sources, exit pages, and other metrics, may be collected and used to help improve website organization and performance.

  • The least amount of data needed to perform the required functions will be collected.

  • This site complies with the general UW Privacy Policy / Website Usage statement found on the UWyo website.


ARCC users have no explicit or implicit expectation of privacy. UW retains the right to actively monitor all ARCC resources, activities on ARCC resources and networks, and to access any file without prior knowledge or consent of ARCC users, senders, or recipients. UW/ARCC may retain copies of any network traffic, computer files, or messages indefinitely without the user's prior knowledge or consent.

Data Sharing

  • We will take reasonable steps to protect the information that you provide to us from unauthorized access or disclosure.

  • Where services are provided to UW users by third parties, the information provided on the allocation request form may be shared with the third-party service providers for use in operating and managing the services, provided that reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the service providers are required to protect this information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

  • We will release information gathered through monitoring if required by law.

  • UW/ARCC may, at its discretion, share information gathered through monitoring with incident response organizations.