Support for External HPC Resources


This page details external HPC resources supported by UW ARCC and support policy. This page will be updated whenever necessary, and as additional resources become available.

If you plan to use NWSC for HPC resources, please be aware that UW ARCC’s Beartooth cluster can be used as a testing platform before moving to NWSC resources, like Derecho. Contact us at or fill out a request in our service portal if you would like to create an project allocation for testing on Beartooth.


NWSC stands for NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center. NWSC resources include Casper, Cheyenne, and their newest HPC resource, Derecho.

  • UW ARCC provides best efforts support for any UW researcher connecting to and using NWSC HPC resources.

    • This may include onboarding, initial connection, software assistance, and working in conjunction with NWSC support.

  • We also support software and data transition/migration from UW ARCC HPC resources to NWSC’s HPC. Read more here.

Oracle Cloud Services

ARCC Provides limited support under grant funding for Oracle Cloud. Within the requirements for this grant funded project, ARCC may spin up OCI environments for use as computational resources.

Other HPC Resources

ARCC may provide best effort support for any UW researchers needing assistance on HPC resources. This may be determined on an individual basis.